Word Press Reset Plugin: Simple solutions for Complex Connections

Word Press Reset Plugin: Simple solutions for Complex Connections

When you are upbeat and wanting to start off with something fresh and new at your Word Press site, erase it all off and begin from scratch you must know about the WordPress Reset Plugin. It will help you begin with a clean slate and enable you to try out new themes or test the compatibility of different plug-ins you might have come across at TidyRepo and wanting to use.

You might also be wanting to test new data sets and tables and find it time-consuming to then remove them, once you are finished and just hit for reinstallation. However, you can simply reset your site with this plug-in.

Stepwise Procedure to Use WordPress Reset Plugin?

It takes just a few seconds to reset your site to the way it was when you used it for the first time. It cleans out the users, blog posts, comments, portfolios and accompanying media files, however, it does not remove the themes and plug-ins you have previously installed. These are just deactivated and you can easily reactivate them. It speeds up the testing process and is ideal for use in test environments.

 It has been built by developers for developers so that the testing is fast and progressive even with limited information from the users. Even you can reset your site without the need for outsourcing and save money. You can follow the given steps.

Step I: Installation of Word Press Reset Plug-in

Login to your Word Press site and navigate for Plug-in>Add New. Search for database reset and you will find Word Press Reset Plug-in. Click to Install and then Activate.

StepII: Reset the WordPress Database

Once you have activated it, it will add a WP Reset option in the Tools section of your site. You can reset your site with just a click. You just have to type “reset” and then click the reset option. This way it confirms that you do not reset your site accidentally.


There you are done with a completely fresh site like it was before. It returns back with the default theme of WordPress but all your themes and plug-ins are kept. This is extremely cool and easy way for debugging and testing or fixing your site so it runs smooth and slick and is the fastest way for reconfiguration. This plug-in rolls back your installation to factory setting with a single click.

You can start back quickly without the hassle of re-installation once again. It is best for developers and testers and if you want to join your fellow developers of a group of more than 50,000 who use this plug-in judiciously, you don’t need to think twice. It is the age of smart technology and it is right there for you. For advanced users, you can also use this plug-in with WordPress CLI, which is a command line interface for WordPress. Note that it completely resets your site and removes all the data and portfolios, so be sure before you reset it.

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