What Makes Keek Different Than Other Social Networking Sites?

What Makes Keek Different Than Other Social Networking Sites

Keek is a new social networking site that differs a lot from old brother Facebook and Twitter. For the first time, Keek is a microvideos service; many said Keek is the next hot Twitter. While Twitter is known as microblogging service, Keek utilizes videos in every aspect that videos become its main power of information sharing.

Keek also keeps its unique terms to describe their services to the users. For example, keek itself is a way to describe a 36-second short video update you shared with other. You can record your short videos using your PC’s webcam, android phone, or iPhone. You can also comment on other’s keek by posting your video comment, called as keekback. This encourages interactive discussion between you and the thread poster.

Private keek is what we know as private messaging, the different is in private keek you’re using video message to deliver your information. You can also follow and subscribe to several interesting people so you can get notified if they posted a new keek.

Kluster is very similar with trending topic on Twitter. Keek has a sophisticated system to filter words or hash tags that were used very frequently on the system and show them in form of Kluster so you’re able to follow along the recently hot topic.

Other common features you can find on Keek is dashboard to control over your profile, My Stream as a wall in Facebook, My Stats to analyze your keek views, subscriber, follower, as well as many other advanced parameters.

In the front page, you can also see Top 100 keeks with most subscribed, most followed, or most watched keek. You can also see the latest keek uploaded here. Another thing called Kred is a mean to give a keek good or bad reputation. Keek also allows you to share the videos on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr with a single click of a button.

With this easy operation, no wonder that there are many famous people were lured in to join Keek. Several famous celebrities are already inside Keek, you can click here to follow Austin Mahone, a soaring young singer from San Antonio, or you can watch this Keek page of new young talented model, Kylie Jenner.

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