What is A Sales Funnel?

sales funnel

Sales funnel is considered one of the core concept when it comes to digital marketing. It might be weird at first, but the single core concept can make the non-existent business into a multi-million-dollar marketing giant seemingly overnight. In fact, a lot of successful marketing companies built their company, implementing the single concept in their industry. So to answer the question “What are a sales funnel?” Here are the things you need to know.

(If you want to know about the history of sales funnel, Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purchase_funnel)

If you want to know what sales funnel is, imagine a real funnel. When liquid is poured in, it will pass thru a different kind of filtration system and goes down towards its destination. Something similar happens in sales and marketing. A lot of visitors can enter your digital “funnel”, but unlike the real one, not all who goes thru the funnel will reappear at the other end. According to Ryan Deiss, a known sales and marketing expert and co-founder of Digital Marketer, sales funnel is described as a multi-modality and multi-step process that makes browsers into prospective buyers. It is a multi-stepped process because, from the time the user enters the funnel and the time they successfully purchased an item, there’s a lot of processes involved in between including email warming sequence, tutorials, soft pushes, webinar and product suggestions. It won’t happen in one day. It will go for at least a week. Most prospected buyers don’t buy from websites when they first saw the product, especially if the buyer doesn’t know anything about the seller or the website. It takes time to earn the trust of the customers. It is where the sales funneling come in.

The multi-modality process will build relationships and experience between buyer and seller. Most salespeople and marketers around the world know that psychological process is involved in turning site visitors into buyers. According to one of the most successful digital marketers who perfected sales funneling, Russell Brunson, an “underground businessman” and founder of ClickFunnels. A sales funnel SaaS marketing business that gives marketers around the world a chance to build their marketing automation without any problem. Software engineers will tell you that making a sales funnel from an application’s point of view is a lot of work. It requires a lot of code work and integration. From the email system, landing page enactment to the processing of credit cards, most platforms need to address these issues seriously, making it a bit complicated for average marketers. But Brunson’s company created a SaaS that can incorporate with the most popular platforms, so that most people can quickly launch a sales funnel in hours, not like when you are coding and programming which will take at least a week.

Understanding what is marketing funnel

To know what is a sales or marketing funnel and how to integrate it with your business correctly, you have to first everything about sales funnel. What is a sales funnel?


The critical part about sales funnel is, what will happen to the visitors or prospect when they arrive at your website. Most of the process involved may be familiar to you such as signups, email newsletter, ebook downloads, and online quizzes. Customers will enter your sales funnel through these enticing offers. The goal of the sales and marketing funnel is to solve any customer’s problem. When you know the root of the problem, and make adjustments to draw customers in, you can offer them services or products to solve that problem, that’s where the real work begins. But to get to that stage will take a lot of work and you have to collect their awareness first. Customers are smart. They will not buy anything from anyone unless they feel there’s a value in it. That’s the reason why you have to build your funnel value through different means. Most importantly, you have to create a strong bond with your customers. To do that you should create an email warming sequence for your product that is transparent, relatable and honest.


You have already gained the trust of your prospected buyers through email sequence. The next thing you have to do is to start giving them stories to your customers that can tie into what you did to arrive at this point in your life. How you position yourself in the business is all up to you. But you have to be direct and consistent with your message in your sales pitch. Implementing it will be difficult. You have to develop your story first and decide how you will convey the message


The next stage is the decision making. Getting customers and making a decision is very tough. To get your prospected customers to where you want them to be, it takes other factors. Aside from copywriting, storytelling and link-clicking, you need to have lots of customer reviews and testimonials. It is the most effective way to get people to take action. If you want to do paid ads, you can use Facebook or Google re-targeting to keep the interest level high. Making your customers act is not easy. You have to reciprocate, commit, be consistent and let people like you.


The last stage of sales and marketing funnel is to put your decision into action. Most people call it a “purchase”. How you move the consumers through the stages will set you up with conversion in this action. The best marketers and salesperson know the conversion value, tweaked the problem and perfected the sales funnel. Getting to this stage is not simple. It will take hard work and a lot of effort and of course, tracking. By using sales and marketing funnel software, you can cut down the problem.

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