Choosing the right Short Message Service (SMS) or text message provider is a painstaking task for a lot of people who are bogged down by their current SMS providers that don’t meet their needs.

In reality, there is no perfect SMS provider out there that can give you all you want, however, there are some that are be able to deliver your necessities for communication purposes.

SMS provider is the portal or network that connects you with your contacts that is registered to your phone through mobile devices. Almost every country in the world has its own SMS provider or a telephone company that offers this kind of service. However, most countries in the world only have one or two companies that specialize in SMS servicing that is why enhancing their services is just a second priority to them since the competition to provide better service to their customers won’t make an impact to their businesses.

A good SMS provider abides your country’s laws. This includes rates of the services it provides which is approved and regulated by the government agency that handles telecommunications. A good SMS provider also practices transparency to its clients and follows accordingly to the constitution of the country of where it is based. Go to the SMS provider that is transparent when it comes to its service rates and pricing that has no hidden charges. You should know every service you avail and know where each of your pennies went. Check out this top SMS service provider in Malaysia.

SMS providing services is a multi-million business in the telecommunications industry since most people are using mobile devices to keep connected with everyone.

Also, go to the SMS provider that takes care of your private data and is a concern of the confidentiality of the information that you sent and received. Look for the one that has strong security features that minimize risks of any leaks, hacks, and breaches of your valuable data.

According to’s survey, those people ages 18-24 years old sends and receives an average of 3,853 texts messages per month or an average of 130 text messages being processed on a daily basis.

A good SMS provider must include a Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) protocol in order for you to have a flexible data communication interface for the transfer of your SMS. SMPP allows third-party providers to receive and submit messages in large numbers or in bulk without an additional rate to its service. This includes text messages, voicemail notifications, and Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS).

Find a service provider that is straightforward to its customers’ needs.  It is important for an SMS provider to practice honesty to its customers, no flowery advertisements that ends up as false promises.

That’s why it’s important that the SMS Gateway Provider you choose offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface which requires minimum learning process. Setting up the network should be fast and easy in order for you start using its service.

A good SMS provider is capable of delivering maximum SMS and receives maximum returns without delays or additional costs. Another positive trait that good SMS provider possesses is its regular updates to its customers; whether about promotional announcements, advisories or new enhancements to its services.

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