The 6 Worst Challenges Mobile App Developers Face (& How to Overcome Them)

The 6 Worst Challenges Mobile App Developers Face

Thinking of developing your own mobile application? You must be excited, right? Due to the tremendously increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile apps, it is obvious that you are planning to invest in mobile app development and wish to drive higher ROI. However, it might not be as simple as it seems.

Although there are endless tools, technologies and guides with which you can launch your own mobile application, there are enormous challenges that you – as a mobile app developer – might encounter with. Some of the commonly faced uninvited challenges associated with mobile application development are:

Platform and Technology Selection

The first and foremost mobile app development challenge developers face is to choose the right tech stack. From the mobile app development approach to platform, devices and technologies, it is extremely necessary to consider the best one since this decision make the base of the whole mobile application development strategy you build.

While it is quite difficult to choose between Native and Hybrid, we prefer comparing the features and drawbacks of both the app development approaches for making a better decision. Likewise, the right platform, device and technology are selected by comparing them with our app idea.

Impressive UI/UX Design

Users love to try mobile apps with captivating designs. But, at the same time, they crave for simplicity and high performance in their application. Creating a perfect balance between these two demands is again a mobile app development challenge.

One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to design your application as per the user’s preference. When you design according to your target audience taste, you will skip various mistakes that might affect the usability of your application. Apart from this, you can also go for usability testing and yes, consider the top mobile app UI/UX trends to ensure your application is apt as per the current market demands.


Due to the integration of the advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, AR/VR, and Blockchain, the mobile app developers are finding it quite difficult to deliver exquisite mobile application at the earliest. As a result, they are getting lower response from the end users.

When it comes to overcoming this challenge, we highly recommend preferring rapid mobile app development (RMAD) approach along with sharing an estimated timeline instead of the exact timeline with the client. This will provide you enough time to deal with sudden challenges without suffering on time factor.

Mobile App Development Cost

An increase in a number of features and technologies boosts the mobile application development cost, which is yet another challenge that mobile app developer suffer from. The mobility experts, in this scenario, should consider the factors affecting the cost of the app development process and eliminate the additional cost, wherever possible.


Ensuring top-notch security along with providing personalized experience have become one of the major challenges faced by app developers, especially after the Uber data breach case revelation. Not only the end users are getting more conscious about their data privacy, Google Play store is also removing the malware infected applications – increasing the stress of building a highly-secured application.

To ensure the security of your mobile app, we suggest putting your best efforts on mobile app testing. The app should be tested using automation tools firstly and then referred for beta testing. This will help you to find the bug, crash errors as well as the limitations of your application from the user’s point of view.

Additionally, you can also look forward to implementing multi-factor authentication system into your mobile application.

App Marketing

Due to the stiff competition in the market, promoting your app is becoming more important than ever before. However, how to promote your application such that it hits the desired targets is one of the major challenges faced by app developers.

The best method to deal with this challenge is to build a perfect mobile app marketing strategy, keeping the user persona into consideration. Keep an eagle’s eye on ASO marketing. Also, put the focus on both pre-launch and post-launch marketing.

Mobile application development can be a beautiful journey or a nightmare, depending on the challenges you face and the way you deal with them. While there are endless challenges you might face in the process of building a mobile app, hope this information would help you to streamline your process and enjoy better outcomes.

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