Review And Specifications Walkera Rodeo 110

FPV Racer

After the magnificent Rodeo 150, the primary lightweight brushless racer from Walkera unfortunately full essential based, here is the 130mm variant with the Rodeo 110. This time, all elements are in cabon (lower and upper plates). Just non-uncovered parts are in plastic. The fixings are like the previous model: SPF3 load up flashed with beta flight, 1103 engines and a walkera beneficiary for the BNF/RTF renditions.

+ 1 x Walkera Rodeo 110 (with a 2S 850mAh LiPo with JST connector)

+ 1 x Charger

+ 4 x Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)

+ 1 x USB link

+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)


The general look is motivated by the Walkera F210, rodeo 150 models with an expansive frontal covering. For instance in correlation with the rodeo 150.

The Rodeo 110 is by and by a 130mm machine, comparative in measure with the Machine Racer 130


The left side demonstrates the micro USB port and the RX red light. As soon the machine is bound the light is killed.

The JST connector is imprisoned into the back plastic structure. In the focal part, the 5.8G FPV Racer antenna for the most part ensured by the warmth contract tube.

Introduced on a similar structure, the two 2.4G antenna is joined

The focal opening welcomes a 3-positionDIPswitch. Just 8 Vfreq can be chosen in the exceptional band F. We can lament the nonattendance of a genuine 40CH VTX. Walkera need to overhaul their VTX lines

A catch is likewise here… this minor catch is critical for official. It licenses to reset the fixedID, i.e. to enable another radio to tie the rodeo 110.

In general, for the walkera RX/TX, you have to check first than the radio have fixedID set to none.

AnuFL/IPX connector can be seen. It implies the 5.8G antenna can be supplanted for instance with a cloverleaf show

Bottem Review

A minor switch allows installing an outer collector with SBUS association. The built-inwalera recipient is stopped with PPM association.


Near 148g -4-5g more than the Machine 130 for instance however the ER130 works in 3S setup.


Tri-sharp edge props are advertised. By and by substantially more grounded and quiet that exemplary 3020 models accompanying Tarot’s models for instance.


The same 850mAh LiPo concerning the Rodeo 150 however this time with a JST connector rather than an EC2. The release rate is the same: 25C

Camera module

Concerning the rodeo 110, the 600TVL CMOS camera is secured by a frontal plastic structure. Regardless of written to be good with both NTSC and PAL arrange, no noticeable change to tune this setting. As a matter of course the camera discharges in PAL organize. The FPV camera has 150 degrees of FOV

Uplifting news, the camera can be situated with a solid positive point (~40-45 degrees) good with aggressive FPV flights.

In another hand, practically speaking the FPV camera doesn’t have an awesome light affectability. The brilliance is generally poor. Out of sight, the flag appears to be obscured. We figure the associated 150 deg focal point is liable here. All the more some flat lines can be speculated. For you, this camera is the weakest purpose of the Rodeo 110. Here is a crude example in real life.


The 6-pivot adjustment chip is the MPU 6050 and introduced separately on a bit of froth to limit transmitted vibrations

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