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Words are impactful certainly, but pictures dominate everywhere. They convey a precise meaning and makes content simpler to understand. We are visual beings. Our brain easily captures 90% of the information which is visual. Infographics are like a visual stair which enables our mind to simplify the complex content.

What is an Infographics Design?

Infographics are illustrative and creative representation of a content. As the name suggests-infographics are those images which provide information. Designers can involve colours, images, charts and graphs in order to make the graphics attractive. This is the most efficient way to present a complicated data in the form of easy text and pictures.

Why Infographic?
If you are struggling with content marketing business or not getting any relevant traffics, infographics can be immensely helpful. The ideal infographics should convey the most relevant information in the least possible time. Lets dive in some reasons to ensure infographics complement your content:

  • Grabs the attention of targeted audience
    Human mind requires ‘optic nerve’ to activate the process of information storage and 90% of the information processed in human brain is visual. If the words fails in capturing the attention of the audience, there come the graphics. Humans naturally loves fact, figures and stats. So inserting infographics can boost the content business and drive targeted audience.
  • Builds Brand Awareness
    Infographics are not merely used in content and themes, but they also deliver the relevant information to the users. It helps reach the audience easily and makes your brand awareness effective. It can increase the traffic by more than 10%. Infographics not just ‘tell’ people about your Ecommerce website but ‘show’ the relevant information.  
  • Visual content is a saviour
    Naturally, the content with infographics has the upperhand in the marketing strategy. The research reports have shown that the article with images gets attention over 14% more than the one with only text. Visual content can go viral as people love to share infographics on their social channels.
  • Boost your SEO game
    Attractive visual images can help in optimising your search engines. The online channels can easily generate backlinks in order to increase the Search Engine ranking. You must choose a particular keyword to improve the rank in google. This can increase the business upto 60% as far as customer driving is concerned.
  • Simplify complicated content
    It is usually difficult to read a content thoroughly, especially, when it is a lengthy one. People expect the information to be revealed instantly. Infographics act as a saviour in such cases. Infographics offer required knowledge about the content which gets accessed frequently as compared to plain textual contents. Presenting an in-depth data with the informative graphics is like shelling out the crux of the content.

Infographics have maintained a momentum in the digital marking. The modern technique of presenting the information is organised and simplified. Therefore, Infographics are perfect for content marketing. It makes the entire process creative and enjoyable.

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