Preparing For The Tech Revolution In The Making

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From computing to smartphones to wearable tech to Big Data to IOT to robotics, we are continuing to grope for the next technology to propel us forward. So many things happening within a span of few years in the world of technology, we can easily say that a technological revolution is underway. But what are going to unfold in the coming years how prepared we are to face them? Obviously new technologies replacing the old ones cannot be without casualties. Just like any socio political revolution tech revolution will also unsettle comfort zones before breaking new ground.

  • Assessing The Risks And Casualties

We must begin with a complete evaluation of the risks and casualties involved in a tech revolution. Some of the recent statistics and reports from around the world can work as an eye opener in this respect.
A recent report suggests that around 47% of the employment in US faces risk of being replaced or being outmoded by automation and artificial intelligence by the time we reach 2033. Another prediction suggests that around 6% of total US jobs are supposed to be replaced by intelligent robots. Some of the job categories that are going to be substituted by AI powered robots in the coming years include banking, finance, insurance, construction jobs, public transport like taxis and manufacturing sector.

Do you think, the above mentioned data and predictions portray the complete range of casualties due to this tech revolution in the making? Presumably no, just because these new technologies will further become cheaper and affordable, more jobs will face the challenge of being substituted by high tech manoeuvres and machines. This is why the length of risk and vulnerabilities facing the upcoming technologies cannot be assessed with a few immediate effects. It is more far reaching than ever thought of.

  • How To Take This Challenge Of Change Adequately?

All the risks mentioned above can be considered as negative that add to our desperation and grim mood. This is particularly obvious as most workers including the skilled professionals are less equipped and knowledgeable to deal with these challenges. Until and unless they know the crucial aspects that will make their role relevant and irreplaceable, their position will continue to be vulnerable.

The first principle to take on these changes of tech revolution is to keep on educating themselves on the new technologies and practices. Yes, with the advent of new technologies your old knowledge is fast becoming obsolete. This is why constant learning is the key to stay relevant and equipped to deal with the new and upcoming technologies.

The second most important principle is to focus on creating value than just taking job as repetitive tasks. If as a designer you know the basics well and doing well within your capacity, from time to time you need to ask other designers are creating more value or whether you can deliver more value by extending your own skill to a new level. Continuous value addition and creative thrust is the new principle to propel you forward as a professional and make your role relevant in spite of the invasion of new technologies.

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