Movies, calls, social media – everything at once

Movies, calls, social media – everything at once

You can use surf the way you want, as much as you want, if you switch to a broadband data plan for your home. 

It is safe to say that your mobile smartphone is your best friend. It keeps you (literally) connected to the world. But if you depend only on your phone to keep you connected, even at home, then you might have a problem of data overuse on hand!

Heavy surfing on phone = heavy data consumption

You love to surf on your phone all day. In fact, your phone is your constant companion all day. You use it to make calls, watch movies, chat with friends, pay your bills, get information, book tickets, shop, etc. Whatever you need is facilitated by your smartphones. Some phones are also meant for professional purposes. They let you create presentations, have video conferencing, real time connectivity across geographical regions, etc.

But the more you surf and use your phone, the more data you end up consuming. This is not a problem if you are a light to moderate phone user. It is also not an issue if you have an unlimited 30 GB plan at an affordable monthly payment. But it becomes a problem if you have a prepaid connection. Your data will run out quickly if you surf endlessly. You might need a top up or a recharge before the month is up.

You can solve half the issue of high data consumption on your phone if you have a broadband connection handy at home.

How switching to a broadband connection helps

Leading service providers in the country such as Airtel are offering the best ever data plans in broadband for the home. A broadband connection is a necessity in homes where most, if not all, the family members are Internet users. Instead of separate phone data plans, one broadband data plan can do the trick. It is a much more economical approach for multiple connectivity.

Consider the advantages of having a good broadband data plan:

* You get really high connection speeds. Broadband is always a much faster option than the dial-up connection.

* You can simultaneously download images, movies, presentations, or watch live TV. Even online gaming becomes enjoyable with a broadband connection.

* You don’t need to keep the phone line busy, like you would with a dial-up connection. You can certainly use the same phone line for DSL access or cable access, but the phone line does not remain busy when you are surfing.

* You can connect up to 10 different devices at the same time and enjoy amazing speeds on each. So you can surf, chat, IM, FaceTime, Skype…do whatever you want, without interruption.

* There is never the chance of getting a busy signal, and you don’t need to dial an access number to get connectivity.

* The broadband data plan is much more affordable. You don’t exhaust your plan the way you would on your postpaid or prepaid phone connection. Also, you are not charged as per the connection duration.

* You can also add your postpaid and digital TV accounts to your broadband account and get additional rewards from certain service providers like Airtel[1].


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