Inspirational Web Designing Ntw Designs Tips: Gradients, Animations, Illustrations

Inspirational Web Design Ideas

A web design should be a place of inspiration. There are millions of simple websites out there on the web. Every business out there needs to have a great web design to create an amazing online reputation. However, a website must also be inspirational to look at. It must give users hope and peace. Positive energy will always bring positive energy. Read below some of the best and most inspirational web design tips using gradients, animations, and illustrations from the nations top creative web design company, Ntw Designs  ( ).

Inspirational Web Design Ideas

Gradients. Gradients are amazing color choices for web design. Usually a gradient effect is added as the main background of a website. Gradients give a form of inspiration on page and they do an amazing job of making a websites appearance increase.

What are the 2 type of gradient animations?

1. CSS Style. A css gradient background is much more simple and less animated. This gradient will only be a spiral of colors that will be different from the top of the website and all the way to the bottom of the site. This plain gradient effect is known to also increase the appearance of a website and promotes a cooler scrolling on page.

2.JS or jQuery Gradient Animation. A flowing gradient background that changes different colors in animated form is another inspirational design that can be created with JS or jQuery. This gradient needs a bit more work to actually create, but it is worth the wait as the end result looks amazing online. An animated gradient background image can be created with javascript or jQuery. What is the difference? For gradient animations, they can equivalently be created on both syntaxes so it just boils down to which code a designer is experienced more with. Old web designers that used flash and upgraded to javascript will most likely use javascript. New animation designers that first used javascript may have migrated to jQuery and they will most likely use jQuery.

Animations. Digital web animations are known for their amazing ability to play out a digital story. Advanced designers know how to create digital animations. Web design companies will always charge more for digital animations because they need more work and detail. Digital animations are not just good to look at, but they also increase user interaction on page. A company only has 1 website with their business name, marketing their business name through their website with a digital animation will increase their online credibility instantly. Visitors are known to make judgements about a companies quality based on their website quality. This is why it is very important to have a well designed site.

Illustrations. Rich Illustrations also go along with a ui/ux web animations. Illustrations are favored because their tailored customization. Web visitors love to look at websites with Illustrations on page.

An inspiration web design will inspire others! By using UI/UX animations, gradients, and or even rich illustrations on your website, it will increase a visitors overall experience on page!

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