How to Use Home Phones for Internet Calls

How to Use Home Phones for Internet Calls

Speaking on the traditional home phones gives the comfort which many of us weren’t ready to let go of. But when internet calls started becoming popular because of its free calling facility,especially over the oceans, the usage of home phones or landlines reduced significantly. But then, situations took a different turn, and it didn’t take much time for the telecommunication experts to realize that when and for whom internet calls are more important. Though businesses took up this opportunity quite positively, the maximum necessity and usage was observed in families who live apart. It is more of the older generations who are in need of an easier, convenientand economic method of communicating with their children who live far away. For them neither operating a computer is easy to use, nor paying the high call charges was affordable. Understanding their necessities, the techies found a way out by combining both and to understand how to bring the best of both worlds, here we have summed up how the original systems merged together.

Traditional Land Lines:

The traditional land line setups were in most cases moderately expensive in comparison to what we get today. The basic packages neither used to include any long-distance calling, nor any amenities like call forwarding or displaying caller ID. All this used to make things difficult for people who had to stay in touch with their families from far away. To solve this issue the VoIP came into the picture and changed the entire scenario.

How the VoIP system Differs from a Traditional Land Line

With a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) system one can pipe in the phone connection to the house by using the existing Internet connection and bridge up the home phone system with a VoIP provider.The VoIP system would route the phone calls back to the regular telephone grid.

Voice-over-IP Systems:

VoIP is now the latest method of connecting home phone systems to the world though the terms. quality and price of the services might vary quite extensively.Today most of the established Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and even home internet providers are offering bundle packages that includes VoIP calling and some of them are desperately pushing their customers to choose VoIP systems but even then some providers could not reduce the charges on VoIP services, even if theVoIP service is bundled with the existing internet.  If one has subscribed to a traditional telecommunications company, then the internet cable service would ask for the additional fees the same way as one usedto pay for a land line or a cellphone.

What You’ll Need

Fortunately enough, this extra charge can be entirely removed, and one can enjoy the freedom of calling long distance contacts without any cost through the home phone itself, simply by a small investment. All one needs to do is getting the following components to set up the system.

  • Broadband Internet Access
  • One VoIP Adapter
  • One Ethernet cable.
  • One RJ11 telephone cable
  • A free Google Voice account.
  • One corded or cordless telephone.

Summing Up

Once you have these, your internet provider would link the internet to your land line, and you can enjoy free local and long distance calling facilities without paying anything in excess.

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