How to Monitor Mobile and Computers through Spy App

Spy on Social Media Apps

The spy applications have no longer remained unidentified stuff, particularly for the businesses and paternities. While the businesses around the world have been using some sort of monitoring applications to track their workers’ computer use, the parents take the support of the parental control and spy applications to supervise their kids’ cell phone and online activities. While there are numerous spy apps that allow tracking the computers and mobile phones of someone else, TheOneSpy is a renowned surveillance app that is developed to monitor multiple devices simultaneously. This article discusses how one can monitor mobile and computers through the top-notch spy app.

How does the Spy App Work?

The spy app starts its working after successful installation on the target mobile phone and computer. The employers can install the software on the company-owned computer devices while the parents can get spy their kids’ phones installing the spy app on their Android and iOS phones. After installation, the app syncs the device data such as emails, conversations, call logs, web history, photos and videos. Then, it automatically uploads that data to an online account. The end-user of the spy app can operate that account from any other mobile phone or computer device.

Features of the Mobile and Computer Spy App

The spy app offers a wide range of features to monitor and record the mobile phones and computers. Read on to know how does the computer tracking software lets  you track the mobile and computer devices of your workers and children.

Spy on Social Media Apps

The Android phone tracking app lets you supervise the social media accounts of your workers and children. You can spy on popular social networking platforms including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Vine, Viber, IMO, Zalo, Hike, Telegram, Tinder, Kik, Skype and Yahoo messenger. With the tracking software, you can read the one-on-one and group conversations of your target; track their contacts and see their images, videos and audios posted and shared on the media apps.

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature of the spy app is compatible with both cell phones and computers. You can capture the screen of the targeted device and see what your children and workers are doing on their devices at present time.

Access Web History

The spy app accesses the internet browsing history on the targeted cell phone and computer and lets the parents and employers supervise the internet use of their children and workers. It shows which websites were visited; what type of information was looked for; when and for how many times.

Keystroke Logging

Keystroke Logging

With the tracking software, you can monitor what is being typed on the targeted phone and computer. The app stores the keystrokes of usernames, passwords and email addresses. The end-user of the spy app can use these strokes to log into the online accounts of the target. It is crucial to keep the monitoring principles in mind while using the keystrokes for logging in.

Track Emails

The monitoring software lets you read the emails received and transmitted from the targeted computer and cell phones. The employers can record all emails of their workers and parents can track their kids’ emails to keep tabs on their online communication.

Spy on Messages

The messages exchanged via default messaging apps and instant messengers can be monitored with the help of the mobile phone monitoring app. You can read the messages and get the contact information of the sender and receiver of those messages.

Call Recording

The cell phone monitoring app offers the call recording feature to tap all the phone calls of kids and workers. The employers can track the inbound and outbound calls of their call center teams and parents can record all the phone calls of their children received and made from the targeted phone.

Track Location

The spy app helps you detect the whereabouts of your target. You can track the current and former visits of your children and workers and mark locations to prevent the target from entering the marked unsafe areas.

The spy application offers numerous other ways to track the computers and mobile phone devices of someone else. However, this should be kept in mind that the use of this spy app is only for legitimate monitoring.


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