How to install a free application on Android?

Android Apps

Launch the Play Store application represented by the following icon:

Press the magnifying glass to perform a keyword search or browse through the Applications, Games, Movies, Music or Books topics depending on what you want to acquire.

Navigate to and select the application you want to install. Read the description of the application, screenshots and user comments that often provide relevant information about the relevance of the application.

Press Install to continue. We will return to purchasing applications later.

Take the time to carefully read the system permissions of the application (application permissions ). Make sure that the requested permissions are consistent and consistent with the application you want to download. Press Accept to download and install the application automatically.

You can track the progress of the download directly within the Play Store application or in the Android notification bar. Press the Back button on your Android to return to the previous screen.

When the application is downloaded, you can open the newly acquired application from the notification bar or from the application launcher .

Some apps in Google Play Store are only available on selected smartphones or tablets. Specifically, Google Play Store explicitly tells you that the app is not compatible with your device. The reasons why you can not download an application can be many: your version of Android, hardware constraints, geographic (some applications are only available in some countries), your telephone operator (some applications are developed by telephone operators And are only accessible to their customers), etc.

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