How to fight in Pokémon Go

How to fight in Pokémon Go

If you have already played the Pokémon Go world phenomenon you will know that it is not only about capturing all the creatures that are in the game, you must also fight against other players in order to increase your level and get coins and other gifts. If you have not yet captured any of a more or less high level so you have not yet dared to enter a battle and want to learn some things on this subject before delving into this part of the gam

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There are certain things to keep in mind before entering a fight in Pokémon Go . For example, if you ever played Pokémon in your childhood, you will notice that the way in which a fight develops in the augmented reality game is not like the battles that were in the games of years ago . This time, you can battle as a team against the same opponent and you can only do it in gyms.

Before you can fight in a gym you must join one of the 3 Pokémon teams in the game. You can choose between the Valor team that is the red one, the Instinct team that is the yellow one and the Wisdom team that is the blue team. When you first enter a gym you will see the leaders of these 3 teams and they will explain the characteristics of each one to help you decide which one fits more with you. Once you have chosen your team you can enter a gym and see what happens in it. It is recommended that before entering your first fight you have a few Pokémon with a minimally high level, since the team that owns the gym at that moment will have achieved it by beating the previous ones and surely their Pokémon’s are quite strong. Also, for the game to allow you to enter the gym you must be very close and not move from there while you are doing something in it since you will lose your connection and will not let you do anything but watch.


When you have all the above checked, think that it is better to enter a Pokémon fight in a group and not individually, although that will also depend on your experience and the level of your creatures captured to date, therefore it is a good idea to with your friends you get together to fight together. An important fact to keep in mind is that it is not necessary to be from the same team to try to win together those who have the gym. You can win together, at the end of the gym will be empty and will be awarded to the team of the player who previously placed his main or chosen Pokémon. How to Schedule Your Emails in Gmail?


To start fighting in Pokémon Go you must enter the gym of your choice and when you are close enough the fight option will be unlocked. It is recommended that before you start, choose the Pokémon’s that you are going to use and place them in the order you want them to appear since later and in the middle of the fight you will not be able to choose them. We also recommend that you keep in mind the types of Pokémon that you will face since there are stronger or more vulnerable to other types, this will help you to choose yours. Then, at the bottom right of the screen, you will see a button that indicates that a combat can begin.


Once you enter there you will see that the first opponent that shows up is the one with the lowest level in the gym. Each Pokémon has two attacks , a main one that you can use to attack your opponent by pressing many times on it, and another secondary attack that you can throw if you press a few seconds on your opponent until the energy indicator is at maximum and let go. Each player can attack the opposing Pokémon from a different angle and at the same time.

When the first opponent has been eliminated, the second one will appear with less level and as we continue to win, we will advance in the battle and we will reach the Pokémon with more level of the gym . This is quite a challenge because ours will have been weakened throughout the previous struggles and some will have been defeated, having to use our second elected and so on, so we surely have less means to be able to win.


It may be that we do not overcome and that we are expelled from the gym, with our Pokémon badly damaged or weakened at all, so before trying again we must use some items from our backpack to recover our most valuable creatures. If the Pokémon has been completely defeated we must use the object to revive and if it has been badly wounded we can use a potion, a superposing and even a hyperpoción and, as soon as they are ready again, we will be able to try again.


If we fight in Pokémon Go and we manage to defeat the team that owned the gym until now we will observe that it remains empty. But, as we have already mentioned, we will not automatically occupy it, but we have to give it the option that allows us to do it. But at this moment may arise some complication, for example, that our Pokémon chosen to stay in the gym, usually for being the strongest, is badly wounded and therefore we must revive it or give a potion quickly before a player from another team Even if you have not participated in the fight, take possession of the gym. Once we have our most powerful creature fully recovered we can move to occupy the gym on behalf of our team thanks to having won the fight in Pokémon Go.

Of course this great effort will generate rewards, to win and go to run the Pokémon gym we will receive some gifts such as stardust or coins and the longer we manage to maintain this position the more objects we will get. In fact, if we accomplish the difficult task of maintaining the gym on behalf of our team for 20 hours, we will receive up to 500 stellar powders and 10 coins for each Pokémon in the gym.

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