How Do I Restart a TV Show with Time Warner Cable?

How Do I Restart a TV Show with Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is one the prominent and major cable television service providers which offers its services in many states of the U.S. However, Time Warner Cable now comes under Spectrum branding as Charter Communications have acquired it. Further, along with the services of Bright House, Time Warner Cable can avail Charter Spectrum services as they are now the same company. Spectrum not only offers TV service, but also it offers phone, Internet, Email, and other services.

These days people don’t only watch live TV shows but also get options to control live TV like pause, play, or record shows with the DVRs provided by cable companies. Similarly, if you are a customer of Time Warner Cable TV, you get many options to start a show. Although, this option depends on the geographic location and cable market, above 20,000 shows provided by Time Warner Cable that offers “start over” enhancement. And one of such best options to start a show over again is using a DVR (digital video recorder) which also allows recording of shows.

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In most markets, Time Warner Cable DVRs come with this capability. Another option to play a show this way is by rewinding to the starting of the program in case you own a DVR cable box. Find the different options to start over the TV shows mentioned below with the corresponding steps on how to do it. Go through the steps and learn how you can do this.

Start Over

Step 1:

First of all, you need to press the “Select” button on your remote at the time when you find enhanced television prompt button on the stations enabled with the “Start Over” function. The “Select” button is round in shape and it may read OK/SEL or something like that.

Step 2:

Now, press the “Select” button one more time. This will cause the TV show to start over.

Step 3:

You need to instantly press the “C” button as soon as you press the “Select” button the first time to go back to live TV instead of starting the show over, or you can press the”Live” button any time when you want to return to live TV.

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Play recorded shows from the beginning

Step 1:

While the television show is playing, press the “Stop” button available on your remote control if you want the show to start over. Usually, the “Stop” button is available with square symbol on it also it is present beside the “Fast Forward” and “Pause” buttons.

Step 2:

Now, scroll down the options’ list simply by pressing the down arrow button which you can find below the “Select” button. The options that you will find will include “Delete,” “Resume Play,” “Stop and Save,” and “Start Over” options.

Step 3:

Now, you need to press the “Select” button to select the “Start Over” option. Then, the show will start from the beginning of the program.

Rewind the show

Step 1:

First, find and press the “Rewind” button on your remote. Usually, this button is present beside the “Play” button and it is arrow-shaped with two parts.

Step 2:

Keep rewinding the program until you reach the beginning of the show. You can use this only if the program has been playing for not more than two hours.

Step 3:

In order to increase the rewinding speed to the second level, you can press the “Rewind” button one more time. And by pressing the “Rewind” button third time, you can reach the maximum rewinding speed.

Step 4:

Once you reach the beginning of the show, then press the “Play” button that will stop the rewinding. And the program will start playing from the point where you stop the rewinding.

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