How do I install new software on my computer?

I install new software on my computer

Installation from CD / DVD.

Close all running programs, preferably (this can avoid a sequence of shutdown / restart of the computer at the end of the installation). Make sure that the software is compatible with its version of Windows. Possible, if necessary, of the “key” of the said software (protection against illicit pirated copies); Usually this “key” is printed on the CD / DVD case.

Insert the CD / DVD into the drive; Close the drive drawer, and wait.

The computer will read the CD / DVD, and as a software to install, its own installation program will start itself after a few moments, most of the time.

If not, you will need to go to the workstation, open the CD / DVD drive, and run a program that is often called “install” or “setup” (see attached documentation).

More and more often, the procedures are virtually automated, and you just have to choose the default options that are offered such as language, destination directory, and so on.

At the end of the procedure, if necessary, the installer will restart your computer.

Remove the CD / DVD and store it, your program is installed and find it in Start, Programs, All Programs.

In general, a shortcut is also installed on your desktop. Launch the program, enter the key if requested, check that the software is running.

Installation from Internet.

Recall ! : Install programs from the Internet that have a recognized reputation; Always think of the risks of being “hacked” his PC!
Antivrus essential in this case!

Two variants here, depending on the type of software:

Download the complete program, then install.

Download an installation program, which will then go to the Internet for the necessary components.

Download the complete program, then install.

Let’s take the example of an indispensable program called Adobe Reader. This program allows us to read the contents of PDF files ( Portable Document Format ), which are universally used. These files are small, while respecting the layout of the original documents, which explains their success.

After a search on the internet, we find this link: link) and the site looks like this:

Installing software from the Internet - Think of unchecking the boxes! (McAfee right on this example)Installing software from the Internet

Basically, in the middle, the yellow button “Download now”; Think before pressing it to uncheck the box Include in your download otherwise you will end up with a second antivirus!

Depending on your browser, you will need to allow the file to be downloaded (see the top of your screen).

Then the program will automatically install. Also, a new module will be installed in your browser that you will need to restart.

Download an installation program, which will then go to the Internet for the necessary components.

Let us take another example for this scenario. After searching, we find this link: link) and on this page we find the download button. After clicking on this button, the following window appears (example with Firefox):

Download WLM

After clicking on “Save file”, launch this program. This program is an installation program: it will examine your machine, it will examine the program (s) already installed, download what is necessary, and proceed with the installation.

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