Hostgator is the Best Web Hosting Service Provider To Host a Social Networking Website?

Is Hostgator is the Best Web Hosting Service Provider To Host a Social Networking Website?

If you are thinking of starting an online business website then Hostgator is the only best choice for you. To maintain your website you have to shop web hosting service. With Hostgator Coupon Code 2018 you can grab best discount deals and host packages for your social networking website or any other site. Web hosting is the service where your website files are stored on the special computer called server. Basically, web hosting provides storage space for your website. The company gives you best and affordable web hosting service to their customers. Hostgator Shared Web Hosting package is one of the most popular packages of the company. Now you can easily create your online identity with the help of Hostgator.

The Brent Oxley was the founder of the company Hostgator in 2002. Now the company is hosting more than 5 million websites of the customers. You can find more than 750 new domain names extension like PHOTOGRAPHY, CLOTHING, and GURU come to the market with the best price. Always take unique domain by which you can easily connect more users in less time. By using Hostgator Web Hosting Vouchers you can save your maximum bucks by purchasing web hosting company. The company is known as world best web hosting provider on the globe. You can find different types of web hosting service at one place like Shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, dedicated web hosting, Cloud web hosting and much more.

Some features why Hostgator hosting service are best for your website

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space
  • Unlimited Domain Names
  • Affordable Cost
  • Different types of Hosting Service are available
  • Full Cpanel Support
  • 9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Easy Sing up Process
  • 45 Day Refund Policy
  • Full Customer Service
  • Award Winning Company
  • Unlimited Email address

All these features will make to attract for choosing Hostgator Web Hosting services for making an online identity on the web. The company fulfills you’re all of the needs which you require for Social Networking Hosting.

How to host a website with Hostgator Web Hosting

  1. Decide what type of website you want to build. There are 2 types of website:
  • Static or basic– this website is one of the most basic websites which contains webpage with fixed content. This type of website is simple with one or more HTML pages.
  • Dynamic Website– this type of website content changes from time to time. To create and update content it uses both client side and server side. The server-side servers are extremely used by e-commerce and social networking sites. These websites are for business purpose or organizations which include forums, blogs, photo galleries and e-commerce sites.
  1. Select which type of web hosting server you want for your website.
  • Linux Hosting– it is most widely used for hosting and the most popular OS between the web hosting suppliers.
  • Window Hosting– here you can run ASP sprits using .NET and other Microsoft Technologies and SQL supports.
  1. Select your desired web hosting plan for your website.

Make a choice from wide range of web hosting services which are given below.

  • Shared Web Hosting– it is the most popular plan of the company. It is best for those who are new to the web. Hostgator Shared Web Hosting provides you most affordable plan for building a new website.
  • VPS Hosting– it provides service at a low price compared to dedicated hosting. With this hosting, you will get your own OS, bandwidth, and disk space.
  • Dedicated Hosting– it is the expensive hosting service. This hosting is best for the website which contains high traffic and needs high resources. Here your server will not be shared with anyone.
  1. Now it’s time to upload your website on the web.

Use Cpanel File Manager or FTP Client for uploading your website and ready to watch your website live on the web.

  • Sign in with Cpanel
  • Click on file manager
  • Choose web root and click GO.
  • Add our files and folder to public_html and respective domain folder.
  1. How you can upload your website with FTP Client
  • Install FileZilla
  • Go to file menu and select site manager
  • Click New Site
  • Name site with your desired domain name
  • Enter your site IP address in the field FTP Address
  • Enter username and password from the mail you receive
  • Set the Port to 21
  • Click Connect
  1. When your FTP is connected then you can easily see your file and folders.
  • The local computer on the left side.
  • Webhosting service on the right side.
  • Upload your file with hosting provider via FileZilla by following these steps.
  • From the left side of FileZilla select the file and folder you want to upload.
  • Put your file and folder to the directory location on the right side of web hosting service. Now your file will start uploading.
  • After uploading completed, your uploaded file will be seen on the right side.

Now your website is live now.

Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Plan for making your purchases Cheap

By shared web hosting package you can save large on hosting services. Here you will get three types of shared web hosting plan which are given below.

  • Hatchling Plan
  • Plan starting at $2.75 per/month
  • Save up to 60% off
  • One Click Installs
  • Single Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidt
  • Baby Plan
  • Starting at $3.95 per/month
  • Save up to 60% off
  • One Click Install
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Business Plan
  • Starting at $5.95 per/month
  • Save upto 60% off
  • One Click Installs
  • Free Positive SSL
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • free VoIP Phone Service
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Free Dedicated IP

Final Word

Hostgator is the excellent web hosting service provider at an affordable cost. With Hostgator Coupon which is available on, you can save a large amount of cash while purchasing web hosting services. Hostgator has every quality and features which makes its service best for hosting social networking website.

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