For the lawyer of Marcel Jacob, it is “criminal to throw in pasture the name of the couple

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After the indictment of Jacqueline and Marcel Jacob, one of their lawyers considered that no scientific or material element justified this decision. 

The press conference of the Attorney General of Dijon, the second in two days, provoked the wrath of the lawyers of Jacqueline and Marcel Jacob. Their clients, who have “denied any participation in the alleged acts”, according to Jean-Jacques Bosc, were charged on Friday for abduction and kidnapping followed by death in the Grégory affair. Also suspected of being the famous “ravens”, they were subsequently placed in pre-trial detention.

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Only a few minutes after Jean-Jacques Bosc spoke , Stéphane Giuranna, Marcel Jacob’s lawyer, criticized the journalists for this exercise, which he said he had “retained nothing”. He even considered it “criminal to throw in the pasture the name of the couple” Jacob when there is, according to him, “no scientific element” and “no material element”. “We put the cart before the horse,” said Stéphane Giuranna.

VIDEO. Gregory case: “We have nothing, it is criminal to throw the name of a couple in pasture”

Marcel Jacob’s lawyer said he would quickly ask “his client’s nullity”. In his view, he should only have been placed under the status of assisted witness. “We do not know how Gregory died and we are under investigation,” he exclaimed. “It was necessary to investigate before stopping” Marcel Jacob. The grand-uncle of Grégory Villemin, 72 years old, “lives a nightmare,” Stéphane Giuranna said.

VIDEO. Grégory case: Marcel Jacob’s lawyer will ask for the nullity of his indictment

The same is true of Gary Lagardette, Jacqueline Jacob’s lawyer, who also challenges her client’s indictment and believes that the conference of the prosecutor’s office was “particularly vague”. “No new elements have been presented,” he added before the media, describing Jacqueline Jacob as a “exhausted, exhausted, exhausted” woman by his 48 hours of police custody.

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