Excellent Employee Time Clock Software from Time Clock Genie

Excellent Employee Time Clock Software from Time Clock Genie

The days when employers always had difficulty in tracking the activities, the whereabouts and the schedule of their employees have long passed. This is as a result of the introduction of the simple worker tracking software that is made by Time Clock Genie. This is a free online tracking application that you can install either on your computer or any smart mobile device that you have and it will really do a great job for you in terms of tracking your employees’ work schedule as well as a lot of other things. The fact that it is free should not give you the notion that it will not work as it is supposed to work to your satisfaction. There are a number of reasons why you should use this tracking time clock that is developed by Time Clock Genie and here are some of the reasons.

Simple Employee Hour Tracking

It is imperative that every business or company gets to know the time that a worker truly spends on the field of job or at the working environment particularly when it has to do with calculating and preparing of the payment. In most places, they may even go to the degree of wanting to know the particular days that your were present to work and the days where you were absent. In this case, the worker time clock system will give you a great deal of ways where you can record and keep every one of these records precisely without going through any trouble. This system will give you all the vital report that you need to work with. And it can be gotten from no where place than timeclockgenie.com without paying any cash. Notwithstanding that, this worker tracker system will give you all the information you need about the schedule of your employee with just a click. This information could comprise of either weekly or perhaps the monthly work schedule of your employee, vacation period, off periods, and so forth from this software

Clock Shield

This software features a clock shield that when you customize, can really go a long way to help you to receive notifications on the particular time that an employee comes to work and the time that he / she goes out of the workplace. It also notifies you through text messages or e-mails when an employee reports late to work or when he / she reports early to work. Another notification that you can have is on schedules, that is, it will notify you so that you will know if a worker or an employee is on schedule or whether he/ she is not on schedule. Having the knowledge of all these about your employee will definitely go a long way to helping you measure the efficiency of all your employees and for that matter the efficiency of your business. With this simple fact, I will entreat you to go in for this easy time clock software from timeclockgenie.com to enable you to take your business to the next level.

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