Edit Pictures without the Editing Apps

According to a survey done by Pew Research Centre (USA), 60% of smartphone owners use it for taking pictures and making videos. Capturing moments has always been an important part of our lives. This way we can relive all our happy, sad, embarrassing moments anytime we want. But clicking pictures is only half the work done. The main work starts when you start editing them for all your social media platforms.

Editing is a step, if done properly in an appropriate amount, brings out the best parts of your pictures. People have different preferences when it comes to editing, like some prefer to apply filters such as black and white to freeze the picture forever in that timeframe or monochrome which signifies minimalism in terms of colour used in your pictures. Many bloggers, models and influencers use the Professional feature to edit pictures for their blogs, portfolio and Brand promotion respectively. As the name suggests, it can turn your normal pictures to how professionals edit


.edit pictures

If in a picture you find the light in the background not in accordance with the object in focus then in order to improve the brightness of the picture, editing needs to be done. In that case, the Professional feature will help you balance out the lighting as per your requirement and in a matter of few minutes, you would have transformed a simple click to a whole new level altogether. Watermarks is another cool new feature people go for to make their pictures look funky and lively. It is a faint logo or words superimposed over the top of your picture. These days there are infinite number of editing Apps or tools like Snapseed, PicsArt, Camera+ etc to help you get the desired result.

However, in today’s market, many Smartphones have come up with the mentioned above features as in-built features. That means you don’t have to download different Apps to apply different effects to your photos. Among those inbuilt features there is also Facial Recognition, Panorama and Burst Mode and so the need for Editing Apps seems redundant. Not only does it save your phone’s memory but also it is giving you a variety of features to kick your pictures up a notch. Motorola smartphones has features such as professional mode, depth detection and depth effects, selective focus and panorama mode. Other smartphones with the same bunch of features include the new iPhone X which is on the hefty price range side, while on the cheaper end there is Panasonic Smart Phones’P91 which has a multi-mode camera which covers features such as Panorama, Professional, Facial recognition, background clarity, sharpness and more.

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