Creating Easy Online Invoice with Billdu

Creating Easy Online Invoice with Billdu

it is a highly preferred choice of all the businessmen and entrepreneurs; get rid of the tiring paperwork and endless errors in payments and little mistakes that have caused thousands of dollars in losses. Online invoicing apps are the perfect solutions to all the problems. The computer will remember everything; there’s a asfe and secure online storage of all your invoices and books in a cloud storage, plus the invoice is created in seconds. There are dozens of options and rich features to choose from while creating an invoice with Billdu Software, the web app for Android and IOS users makes it a complete solution to all your worries relating the accounts work, fire your accountant and manage it all yourself if you are just starting up the business. The online invoice generator has multiple functions and unique features that others don’t have, it is extremely fast while creating and saving a bill, the signature and optional templates make it a high-rated apps for creating invoices any time.

If you are worried about switching to online invoice making software, be assured there’s no danger of data security breach as the software uses best-in-the-world security analysts for system security. The template creation and invoice uploading process is completed in three simple steps: click on the create button, customize your template, put in your billing details, and create logo and signature, and that’s it. The additional features also include performa invoice generation, estimates, delivery notes, and purchase orders within the template creation.

Added Features

The diversity and uniqueness of billdu online invoice generator is perfect in its sense, if your receipt get lost somewhere in your phone or get deleted every now and then, try snapping the receipts of anything and attach to the related invoice. The expense record category will show how much have you spent on travel and local expenses, it is a very useful feature of Billdu for those of us who can’t remember anything without a reminder.

The graphs and report charts makes it clear on how much your business has grown in the last quarter or a year. You can easily check how much your company spent with profits/losses and percentage of paid and unpaid invoices. There are options to choose from, analyse your profit and loss reports, expenditures, and everything through analytic flow chart and graphs. You can always keep an eye on your customer; you will be notified when the client has seen the online invoice.

The payment options are faster and reliable; pay through a debit or credit card; you can also pay through PayPal. if your business has grown to an extent where you need to expand it, give admin permissions to your temmates and assign duties relating invoice creation and assistance. Assign roles to your team and get started in building an empire in future. The online invoice generator by Billdu will make it easier to get your business audited from the accountants; it will save a lot of accountant’s time. If you sell to a recurring client, set his/her account on recurring list and generate your bills with a tap on smartphone or laptop.

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