Create a new generation of applications with Sellsy technology

Create a new generation of applications

Launched two years ago, the Sellsy API is exponentially successful and has become a preferred means of access to Sellsy for many customers.

For information, the API allows to communicate with Sellsy via scripts . It can be used to communicate with Sellsy (for example, to report) or to write (for example, the entire mobile application goes through the API).

Many customers use it to code business views, such as a simplified ordering interface or cash back office for example.

However it lacked an essential function, web hooks.

This technical term refers to the possibility for Sellsy to warn an outside application of a change in the Sellsy database.

To simplify, previously, the scripts had to query Sellsy regularly (for example every 5 minutes) to be aware of any changes.

Now Sellsy is able to notify you when data is updated, greatly simplifying the integration of the API into your systems.

<p “=”” justify;”=””>To take a very simple example, imagine that you live on the sixth floor and wait for an urgent mail. You should therefore go down regularly to check the mailbox. Web hooks are the equivalent of the sounder on the intercom: no need to check, you are warned when the event occurs.

Note that the web hooks system has been coded on the basis of the Sellsy notification system: you can therefore have web hooks for more than 380 types of different events .

How to use web hooks and the API? Who can I contact if I do not know anything about it?

The API allows many projects to complete or connect Sellsy. Here are some concrete examples:

A Business / Interface view

With the API, you can create a fully customized customer and order view, for example on a tablet. Many customers have created their own Sellsy-based applications for mobility.

A connection

If you use other tools, it may be worthwhile to set up a sync with Sellsy. For example, you can have a central ERP and want its data to be synchronized with Sellsy. With the API, it’s possible.

An export tool

For one reason or another, you may need a particular export not feasible with Sellsy. With the API you can access all your data with great freedom and export them to your liking. Many customers use the API to schedule regular internal backups of their Sellsy data.

Of course, the API remains a tool for developers. If you do not have this expertise internally, we have a network of highly skilled and competitive external developers who can handle projects of all sizes.

Some have focused their expertise on CMS like WordPress (and Woocommerce), Prestashop or Magento.

For more information, please contact our customer service. Our experts will be able to study your needs and direct you to the most suitable service provider to carry out your project.

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