Common iPad Issues and How to Fix Them

Common iPad Issues and How to Fix Them

The iPad is one of the most remarkable pieces of technology available to consumers today. It’s basically a larger version of the famous iPhone, except that it doesn’t have mobile connectivity. The iPad is now available in many different sizes, starting from a basic 7-inch model to a much larger 12.9-inch model. However, like any other piece of technology, the iPad is also susceptible to a range of different issues.

Many common issues arise in the iPad that most people can’t fix on their own. Here are several common issues that people experience with their iPads, and how to fix them.

Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

One of the most common issues that users experience with their iPads is being unable to connect to Wi-Fi. Given the fact that this is such a powerful entertainment device, not having a direct connection to the internet basically defeats the purpose of the device.

This is a pretty common issue and is also quite easy to fix. You can try shutting off the router and the iPad simultaneously, and then turning both on again to see if it connects. In many cases, this problem arises because your router is unable to assign an IP address to your iPad. You can also reset the network settings from your iPad to see if that does the trick. If nothing works, you should consider taking your iPad to a local shop that offers iPad repair in Hendon.

Screen Freezes

Many people complain that their iPad’s screen freezes when they subject it to heavy use. If you have opened a number of different apps on your iPad and are using them simultaneously, there’s a pretty big chance that the screen might freeze, especially if you have an older model. This usually happens because the iPad doesn’t have enough memory to process all the tasks simultaneously.

You should try to reset all settings by going into Settings > General > Reset. If that doesn’t work, you should consider restoring your iPad to its factory settings by connecting it to your computer and then running a reboot through iTunes.

Poor Battery Life

Battery life of almost all Apple products has come under scrutiny over the past few years, but if you notice that the iPad doesn’t even last you a few good hours of use, it’s probably due to some sort of malfunction. First of all, you should try and restore your iPad to factory settings to get rid of any harmful malware or apps that might be using up the battery. Secondly, if the iPad has gotten old, you might want to consider replacing the battery altogether.

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