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For the lawyer of Marcel Jacob, it is “criminal to throw in pasture the name of the couple

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After the indictment of Jacqueline and Marcel Jacob, one of their lawyers considered that no scientific or material element justified this decision.  The press conference of the Attorney General of Dijon, the second in two days, provoked the wrath of the lawyers of Jacqueline and Marcel Jacob. Their clients, who have “denied any participation in the alleged acts”, according to Jean-Jacques Bosc, were charged on Friday for abduction and kidnapping followed by death in the Grégory affair. Also suspected of being the famous “ravens”, they were subsequently placed in pre-trial…

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The latest news from Michael Schumacher are not good

latest news from Michael Schumacher

The news of Michael Schumacher is “not good”, said the former president of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo Thursday 4 February, just over two years after his serious skiing accident in December 2013. The news of Michael Schumacher is “not good”, said the former president of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo Thursday, February 4, just over two years after his serious ski accident in December 2013 . “I am constantly hearing from him and unfortunately they are not good,” he said, without giving any details about the former Ferrari driver’s health. “He…

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