What Makes Keek Different Than Other Social Networking Sites?

What Makes Keek Different Than Other Social Networking Sites

Keek is a new social networking site that differs a lot from old brother Facebook and Twitter. For the first time, Keek is a microvideos service; many said Keek is the next hot Twitter. While Twitter is known as microblogging service, Keek utilizes videos in every aspect that videos become its main power of information sharing. Keek also keeps its unique terms to describe their services to the users. For example, keek itself is a way to describe a 36-second short video update you shared with other. You can record…

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Resources for Developing Accessible iOS Applications

Accessibility Programming Guide for iOS

For some time now, we have had the opportunity to support iOS application development projects in the consideration of accessibility . So we naturally made a consistent watch on the subject we want to share today in this short post. Below you will find a list of links to resources that appeared qualitative in this respect. (We plan to feed this list as we make new discoveries.) Accessibility Programming Guide for iOS This resource is simply the official documentation proposed by Apple. Very comprehensive, and with examples of supporting codes,…

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How to install a free application on Android?

download apps

Do you want to download apps on your Android device? From the Google Play Store you can download free or paid apps and even purchase apps with your SFR bill. Here we show you how to proceed. Let yourself be guided ! ?? Requirements: 1. ┬áTo access and download apps from the Google Play Store app store, you must have a Gmail account. If you do not yet have a Gmail account, you can create one directly on the Internet by clicking on the link below: Create a Gmail account…

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Optimizing the Rendering of ListView Control Items

Windows Store applications written in JavaScript

For many Windows Store applications written in JavaScript that use collections, appropriate cooperation with the WinJS ListView control is essential to optimize performance. This is not surprising: when you need to manage and display thousands of potential elements, all the optimizations you make on these elements make the difference. What matters most is how each element is rendered, ie how (and when) each element of the ListView control is built in the DOM and appears in the application. Indeed, The rendering of elements in a ListView control occurs via a…

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Create a new generation of applications with Sellsy technology

Create a new generation of applications

Launched two years ago, the Sellsy API is exponentially successful and has become a preferred means of access to Sellsy for many customers. For information, the API allows to communicate with Sellsy via scripts . It can be used to communicate with Sellsy (for example, to report) or to write (for example, the entire mobile application goes through the API). Many customers use it to code business views, such as a simplified ordering interface or cash back office for example. However it lacked an essential function, web hooks. This technical…

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