Air Filter Maintenance Is Important for Proper Operation of Air Conditioners

Air Filter Maintenance Is Important for Proper Operation of Air Conditioners

In most of the homes in India, forced air cooling is used for maintaining the right environment during summer months. The most essential component for forced air cooling is the air filter. Essentially the air filter keeps the large dust particles away from the atmosphere. However, these days they are designed to block even small dust particles. As a result, we can get to breathe cleaner and healthy air in the room.

Filter must be changed regularly

For better health of the people, you need to change the filter regularly. You must remember that the blower motor and the duct circulate the air during summer months and hence before the start of the season, it must be changed and after three months it must be changed again.

In case you fail to replace the filter then it can produce following negative effects –

  • Electricity bill may be high
  • Lower efficiency of the AC
  • Lower comfort level in the room
  • Increased carbon footprint
  • There are chances of repair
  • Poor quality of air

Benefits of regular cleaning/replacing of air filters

Following benefits can be seen if you keep the air filter of your Lloyd AC clean and well maintained –

  • Better environment

If the air filters are dirty or clogged with dust then it can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. The environment inside the room will get polluted and compound the problem of global warning if the filters are not properly maintained. You will end up using more energy to get lesser amount of cooling. Therefore, in order to maintain better environment, it is necessary that you must keep your air filter in proper condition.

  • Saving on electricity bills

By regularly cleaning or changing the air filter your air cooling efficiency will be better and you can get better cooling by spending less amount of energy. Thus, you can get considerable savings on the energy bills. In addition to that your maintenance and repair activity will reduce that will also give you some amount of saving.

  • Health benefits

Clean air in the room avoids the risk of being affected by any lung problem or breathing disorders like asthma or allergy related diseases. According to the report of medical research with poor quality of air there is maximum chance of respiratory health problems. With clean air, you can keep your room dust free and allergen free as well.

  • Low cost and little time or effort needed

Changing or cleaning of air filter is not a rocket science and neither does it need much effort or time to do. You can do it yourself on any particular day.

How to change the AC filter

When you buy AC from Amazon they offer you few spare filters. You can easily replace them by removing the panel door if required. Panel door in most of the AC’s can be opened very easily by using simple hand tool that every household must have in their house.

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