A quick guide to voltage regulators

quick guide to voltage regulators

Voltage regulators are used to keep a stable direct current voltage in a system. They can receive power from batteries or directly from wall outlets. For example, we know that batteries discharge time so voltage regulators are used to maintain a stable power supply.There are situations where voltage signals are used to make decisions and fluctuating current may affect the system so a voltage regulator might come in handy. Visit oemsecrets.com to compare prices for electronic components and grab a new voltage regulator at the best price.

Voltage regulators have lots of important parameters so you should make sure that they are satisfying your needs when you are searching to buy one. One of the most common parameters are: output voltage, load current, efficiency, accuracy, load and line regulation, and dropout voltage. Get as much information as you can before choosing the right regulator for your project.

Linear voltage regulators are used to transform high input voltage to steady output voltage. They can achieve a constant output voltage by changing the impedance according to the load current. They have a very low noise at the output so they are even used with a switching regulator to get the least amount of noise possible. They have very low power applications, many times they can be used with less than 100uA. When the input voltage is close to the output voltage they have a very high efficiency. Their costs really low and they are easy to use.

Switching regulators are used in almost every electronic device on the market. They are highly efficient during step up or step down of DC voltage. Switching regulators are extremely efficient because they go on and off so linear regulators have a real disadvantage in this part. They should be used when the input voltage is lower than the output voltage. This way they can deliver large voltages suddenly when is needed. They have a good thermal performance. Linear regulators are wasting power through heat so if you need performance you should use switching regulators.

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