5 Management Tips for New Managers

5 Management Tips for New Managers

Here are some management tips for new managers that will help you in the long run. Many young managers when they first become a manager let the power go to their heads and start ‘bossing’ people around. Through management consulting we know this happens, but needs to be rectified immediately. Whilst managers need to make sure that things get done, they need to step back and think before they start upsetting the whole team. In this article, we provide five management tips and ideas to help new managers begin to gain the best from their people.

Make The Effort To Know Who Works For You

It is quite understandable that new managers will be focused on the results that will be expected of them as this is what they are being paid against. In order to get people on board, new managers will gain more by showing that they are interested in understanding the individuals who work for them. As far as management tips go, this one is vital!

Each person from the lowest paid to the most effective have a part to play in making the team successful. Finding out how they can contribute best can only be discovered by taking time to find out their strengths, experience and current limitations. Make time to speak to them about their background and experience. This should include their work history and interests outside of work. Management consulting is necessary for businesses with teams and departments as valuable management tips and ideas of all kinds can be shared.

Use Their Expertise

The biggest benefit that team members bring to the work is the expertise they possess. When finding out more about them as mentioned above, you may start to identify strengths that may have been missed previously. Be prepared to develop these strengths for the benefit of the team.

It is quite likely that the people in the new team will be better at some of the tasks than you. Often, this can be utilised for the good of the business, for example if someone is an expert with Microsoft Excel and VBA,you could get them to help you organise and streamline all kinds of business processes. Where these tasks are ones that you previously enjoyed, be ready to let this go and the way that you used to do them. Being a manager means letting go of ‘doing’ the work and spend more time ‘managing and leading’ the team. Management tips should be shared among managers from all departments so that each can help progress their teams better.

Show That You Value Your People

Part of the management consulting, we advise you on how to create value. Having got to know the individuals in the team and then using their expertise, the new manager will need to demonstrate that they value what the team is doing. This means recognising their efforts and achievements. They will need to make it clear which behaviours they are especially pleased with so that they know what to continue doing. Giving feedback to people is essential for developing confidence and productivity. New managers need to ensure that they recognise their positive contributions before providing any feedback on areas they need to improve. Management tips are plentiful, but this one is immensely important – All ‘negative’ feedback should be given in private to save any embarrassment or humiliation.

Trust Your People

Some new managers make the mistake of over controlling everything going on in the team. This causes resentment, decreased motivation, lower productivity and ultimately, too much work for the manager.

It is vital that managers show trust in their team. One indication of a true leader and manager is the ability of the team to function well even when the manager is not around. This means that the team are able to think for themselves and make sound judgements even if occasionally, these turn out to be the wrong ones. We all make mistakes and the team need to know that they have the support and trust of their leader. This will engender motivation and responsibility. Hence, management consulting for small or large businesses is essential so that the management tips and ideas passed on are communicated in the best way possible.

Develop Behavioural Flexibility

When managers have only one way of managing or behaving this often causes problems. People are human and not robotic. They are more complicated and therefore need greater tolerance and understanding. Developing a flexibility of behaviour can help new managers to alter their way of thinking according to circumstances. It also means learning how best to treat individuals based upon what is also happening in their own world. We have all experienced moments in our lives when things going on outside of work which has an impact on life inside work and our performance. Balancing results against the needs of people is a great skill and will serve new managers in the long term.

The task of managing and leading a team can be very challenging for new managers. Through management consulting and understanding the main idea that we need to get things done through PEOPLE, and learning to gain their best efforts, will certainly make life easier for them in the long run. Are you a management consulting professional or of a senior managerial position? Would love to hear some of your management tips?

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