Relevant Infographics As A Powerful Tool

content marketing

Image Source Words are impactful certainly, but pictures dominate everywhere. They convey a precise meaning and makes content simpler to understand. We are visual beings. Our brain easily captures 90% of the information which is visual. Infographics are like a visual stair which enables our mind to simplify the complex content. What is an Infographics Design? Infographics are illustrative and creative representation of a content. As the name suggests-infographics are those images which provide information. Designers can involve colours, images, charts and graphs in order to make the graphics attractive.…

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Resources for Developing Accessible iOS Applications

Accessibility Programming Guide for iOS

For some time now, we have had the opportunity to support iOS application development projects in the consideration of accessibility . So we naturally made a consistent watch on the subject we want to share today in this short post. Below you will find a list of links to resources that appeared qualitative in this respect. (We plan to feed this list as we make new discoveries.) Accessibility Programming Guide for iOS This resource is simply the official documentation proposed by Apple. Very comprehensive, and with examples of supporting codes,…

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