How to install a free application on Android?

download apps

Do you want to download apps on your Android device? From the Google Play Store you can download free or paid apps and even purchase apps with your SFR bill. Here we show you how to proceed. Let yourself be guided ! ?? Requirements: 1.  To access and download apps from the Google Play Store app store, you must have a Gmail account. If you do not yet have a Gmail account, you can create one directly on the Internet by clicking on the link below: Create a Gmail account…

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Optimizing the Rendering of ListView Control Items

Windows Store applications written in JavaScript

For many Windows Store applications written in JavaScript that use collections, appropriate cooperation with the WinJS ListView control is essential to optimize performance. This is not surprising: when you need to manage and display thousands of potential elements, all the optimizations you make on these elements make the difference. What matters most is how each element is rendered, ie how (and when) each element of the ListView control is built in the DOM and appears in the application. Indeed, The rendering of elements in a ListView control occurs via a…

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