Help with downloading and installing Android app? To download and install an application on your mobile phone / smartphone or touchpad running on an Android system, the process is different from installing software on a PC or Mac. There are three ways to recover an app on its mobile device: direct download via Google Play (Android Market), access to the Market with the QR barcode (direct also) or .APK file transfer (download , Transfer and installation via a manager). From a PC or Mac: If you use the direct link…

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Create a new generation of applications with Sellsy technology

Create a new generation of applications

Launched two years ago, the Sellsy API is exponentially successful and has become a preferred means of access to Sellsy for many customers. For information, the API allows to communicate with Sellsy via scripts . It can be used to communicate with Sellsy (for example, to report) or to write (for example, the entire mobile application goes through the API). Many customers use it to code business views, such as a simplified ordering interface or cash back office for example. However it lacked an essential function, web hooks. This technical…

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Windows 7 – Install / Uninstall a program

Windows 7 - Install

Uninstalling software Of course, installing or uninstalling software on your computer is a priori not something complicated. It is usually enough to follow the instructions that appear on the screen and in a few clicks everything is finished. But in the background, this tends to change a number of settings and influence the behavior of Windows. That’s why some tips and precautions are not useless to avoid worries. First, be aware that these operations must be performed while no other program is being used. Remove a Windows Component If you…

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