2. Installing and configuring the programming environment

2. Installing and configuring the programming

First, we will install Python 3. To do this, download the installer from the Python website at http://www.python.org/downloads/ and click on The “Download Python 3.xy”. Save the installer to your hard disk. Launch the installer that has just been downloaded. Choose “Execute” when the security warning. Click “Next>”. Click “Next>”. Click “Next>”. Python 3 is now installed. 2.2. Launching the Python 3 Interpreter on Windows 7 In order to verify that Python 3 is installed and working properly, we will launch the Python interpreter (or shell ). To do this,…

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How do I install new software on my computer?

I install new software on my computer

Installation from CD / DVD. Close all running programs, preferably (this can avoid a sequence of shutdown / restart of the computer at the end of the installation). Make sure that the software is compatible with its version of Windows. Possible, if necessary, of the “key” of the said software (protection against illicit pirated copies); Usually this “key” is printed on the CD / DVD case. Insert the CD / DVD into the drive; Close the drive drawer, and wait. The computer will read the CD / DVD, and as…

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