Installing development tools

Install the necessary tools

One of Java’s flagship principles is its virtual machine, which ensures all Java developers that a program can be used with all operating systems on which a Java virtual machine is installed. During the compilation phase of our source code, this one takes an intermediate form called byte code  : it is the famous code unintelligible for your machine, but interpretable by the Java virtual machine. The latter has a name: it is more commonly known as JRE ( J ava R untime E nvironment). No need to worry about…

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Windows – Installing software

software instale

Installing software is a common action, simple in appearance. Yet it has small traps that beginners know badly and could easily avoid. Proper installation of a program will avoid unnecessary shortcuts but also increase the startup of windows. At the beginning of the installation by clicking on the .exe icon or the installation icon we have access in most cases to a license of use. It is a legal text imposed by the publisher which leaves us only the choice to accept otherwise the installation will be interrupted. Thereafter, the…

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